Exploring imagination through Active Investment.

  • Alessandro Isola - Quartet Vessel I

    Alessandro Isola Quartet Vessel I

    Photography Nick Rochowski

  • Russell Maliphant Dance Company - Kairos

    Russell Maliphant Dance Company Kairos

  • Sarah Myerscough Gallery  - Ernst Gamperl

    Sarah Myerscough Gallery Ernst Gamperl

    Photography Bernhard Spoettel

  • The New Craftsmen -

    The New Craftsmen

  • Craftsmen

    Alexander Whitley Leviathan Spine

    CGI Animation Chris Waters

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We are all makers

Ermak was established to define a new relationship between artistry and investment. Where conventions can be challenged and new opportunities can be explored.

With a curated portfolio supporting a diverse mix of talents, we work to empower our creative partners through an Active Investment approach. Collaborating in the belief that ‘we are all makers’ and that collectively we can achieve more. 

Ambitious to investigate the new, we bring a progressive attitude to projects – creating a space for complimentary expertise and long-standing relationships that ignite imaginations and success.

Russell Maliphant - Still Current
Sarah Myerscough Gallery - Marcin Rusak

Russell Maliphant Still Current

Sarah Myerscough Gallery Marcin Rusak

Design, Art, Contemporary Craft, Contemporary Dance & Architecture.             

Alessandro Isola - Vessel II

Alessandro Isola Vessel II

Russell Maliphant - Paradigm

Russell Maliphant Paradigm

Investing across multiple creative disciplines and specialist projects, Ermak are expert, experienced, and culturally engaged.

Enhanced by our international investment partnerships with Concentric, we share a forward thinking mindset that embraces the new and continually challenges the spaces we occupy.


Concentric is an Activist Venture fund, creating deeper, actively personal relationships to drive innovation, opportunity and scale. Partnering with sector-defining founders across Europe, enabling new technologies to solve the problems that matter.

Founder Denis Shafranik

Denis spent 9 years of his early career at Barclays Investment Banking Division. Since Barclays he’s been an active private equity and venture capital investor, acting as both Founder and Partner.

Ermak and Concentric are associated companies with varying geographic investment mandates, working across early-stage technology businesses and creative enterprises in Europe.

Ermak is a family investment office founded by Denis Shafranik.

With an emphasis on creative projects, Ermak also supports organisations for positive social impact and a selection of private investment ventures.

To discuss any potential opportunities please contact us directly or through our partnership investment arm Concentric.

A selection of current projects include:

Russell Maliphant
Alexander Whitley
Akram Khan
Alessandro Issola
Sarah Myerscough Gallery
The New Craftsmen
Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Ermak Group 2020