ERMAK is a conduit for supporting development of commercial, social and philanthropic ventures predominantly across technology, real asset and creative sectors.

ERMAK believes in power of partnerships and conducts investment activities either directly or in collaboration with its associated investment vehicles:

Concentric – regulated investment partnership predominantly focused on early stage European digital technology businesses;

Supremum Capital – a hands-on investment office building innovative enterprises with a key focus on Russia and CIS.

ERMAK’s direct investment activities focus on a wider range of direct and fund investments with a focus on diversification and wealth preservation.

In addition to its investment activities ERMAK supports a number of enterprises that perform an important social or creative function as part of their mandate.

Investment Mandate

ERMAK has a diversified sector focus with core areas of expertise in new economy sectors: digital and resource efficiency with ventures that are aiming to augment and automate traditional economy sectors.

Within those sectors we aim to identify highly relevant, distinct and defensible business models led by committed and agile entrepreneurs.

ERMAK prefers companies at an early stage of their development that we call ‘post-product’. Sadly we don’t have bandwidth to support seed stage businesses and have partnered with Seedcamp and EF for such investments.

We generally avoid businesses operating in saturated markets without a clear competitive advantage, companies that do not exhibit an ability to become substantially profitable or ideas that are not solving a substantial and clearly identifiable customer issue.

Outside of technology we focus on ‘real asset’ investments within traditional sectors, such as infrastructure and real estate. We prefer businesses that are cash generative, are undervalued by the market and where we can add strategic value.

To supplement the venture investment strategy ERMAK selectively invests into alternative credit and similar products for wealth preservation purposes.

Partnership Approach

ERMAK believes in the power of partnership – both with other investors and enterpreneurs.

We prefer to act as an active lead investor. Our combined team brings a wealth of experience across the sectors we active in. Collectively we are able to deploy this experience and network in helping companies grow.

On the flip side we expect frequent communication and openness from entrepreneurs we back. We prefer to spend our waking hours working with people we like and trust.


Social and Creative Activities

ERMAK Group has a long-standing history of supporting creative and social enterprises.

Creatively we aim to foster immersive experiences via architecture, artistic design and craft as well as performances arts. Over the years this has manifested itself in us building a multi-faceted presence in portfolio of collectable design, craft and contemporary dance activities.

Socially ERMAK runs an ongoing programme to support a limited range of focused projects that have a social and societal impact function.

We value our Russian heritage and prioritise where relevant cross-cultural projects.

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